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For more than 40 years, Mr. MacDonald has actively pursued real estate development in California and the West, as a service provider and a principal. His project sites have been located in Northern California (Bay Area, Sacramento area and Sierra Foothills), Central California (Central Valley and Central Coast) and Southern California, and also in the State of Washington.

Projects in which Mr. MacDonald has had significant ownership interests and/or discharged significant professional responsibilities during this time total more than 50. They have included:

· Residential subdivisions, both “standard” (no HOA) and “common interest (HOA) i.e. attached, detached, or clustered homes, on individual lots (PD) or condominium (airspace) “units”)
· Primary and/or secondary home developments
· Commercial, industrial or mixed use (residential, commercial, etc.
· Land subdivisions i.e. residential and commercial lots or sites for sale to builders, investors or individual owners
· Multi-family rental apartment projects

Project sites have ranged in size from several acres to several hundred acres – a few even larger – adding up to close to 2,500 lots, parcels or dwelling units, not including commercial and industrial acreage. Most of these projects were situated on fee simple land belonging to private, corporate or public owners, but a few have been located on leasehold (ground lease) land.

Mr. MacDonald’s development responsibilities, functions and capacities in these projects have included corporate employee, project coordinator, project manager, corporate officer/broker, shareholder, partner, and project owner and developer. His professional qualifications for these roles have included attorney, real estate broker, and real estate consultant, both within a company structure and in private practice.

Mr. MacDonald has presented project proposals and applications for review and approval by a wide assortment of state and local governmental and regulatory agencies, such as:

• City and county planning commissions
• City councils, county boards of supervisors
• County commissions e.g. Local Agency Formation Commission (“LAFCO”)
• Public school districts
• Utilities i.e. public and private districts and companies providing natural gas, electricity, telephone, cable TV, water, sewer or fire protection services to public consumers; state and federal regulatory agencies for real estate or investment securities offerings, such as the California Bureau of Real Estate (“BRE”), and the California Department of Corporations.
• Other public and private organizations, entities and special interest groups, all taking a great interest and having a strong voice in the determination of how, when – and even whether -- a given development project will reach its desired destination along the path toward approval, construction and sales.

Over the years, Mr. MacDonald has worked in close cooperation with hundreds of individuals engaged in the wide variety of development and construction-related specialties. He has always endeavored to find a common basis for positive, practical solutions to the problems or disagreements that arise in any business, and has sought always to ensure that the outcome was reasonable, and was fair to all parties involved. The professional classifications of such persons have included:

• Project designers, architects and engineers
• Real estate developers, builders, and general contractors
• Trade subcontractors from most of the “C” licensed building trades, e.g. concrete, framing, electrical, plumbing, drywall, roofing, landscaping, and contractors, etc.
• Trade workers and their union organizations e.g. Carpenters Pension Trust, etc.
• Lenders, e.g. private (i.e. “hard money”), government programs e.g. FHA, banks, etc.
• Financiers, investors e.g. private trusts
• Environmental agencies and organizations
• Title insurance and escrow companies, officers, etc.
• Real estate brokers and agents
• Attorneys, CPAs, and other representatives of the above entities and individuals
• Landowners by the dozen.

Through years of experience, Mr. MacDonald has become acquainted with a network of knowledgeable professionals and individuals in fields related to the development and construction industries. Drawing upon these experiences and contacts, Mr. MacDonald has been able to address and deal successfully with the many challenges, hazards and pitfalls that can be encountered at any stage of the development process. The knowledge and expertise of many of these professional resources are available to LDRC through Mr. MacDonald for use in situations requiring those resources.

Educational Background

Mr. MacDonald received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Stanford University in 1962. He received his Juris Doctor degree from Yale Law School in 1965. He received his MBA degree (in Taxation) from Golden Gate University in 1974. He was admitted to practice law in California in 1965 and in New York in 1966. He has been a licensed Real Estate Broker in California since 1970. His licenses as Attorney and as Real Estate Broker in California are currently active (2015), and have never been the subject of any disciplinary action by the licensing authorities.

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