Feasibility Analysis

Landowners and Developers Resource Center | Dixon,CA | Feasibility Analysis

The initial task with any proposed development project is to make a sound and objective determination of its feasibility, and what conditions must be present for it to succeed financially. This process can be called the Feasibility Analysis phase or Feasibility Phase of the proposed project. It reviews the ingredients or conditions necessary for the development project to succeed and analyses the cost of providing them. Below is a list of many of the necessary items, which LDRC can arrange and coordinate with other specialized providers, or in many cases provide directly.

• Feasibility Study and Analysis (spreadsheet pro-forma, with revenue, cost and profit analysis)
• Subdivision Development Planning and Development Approvals
• Management of Environmental Impact Assessment Process (including recent regulatory updates of standards and requirements)
• General Plan, Zoning and Various Required Permits
• Annexations, District Formation, Pre-zoning
• Land Title and Escrow Review
• Additional Land Purchase or Option Documentation (if required)
• Conceptual Plans and Business Models for Development of the Land

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