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Land development can be a complex process, encompassing many variables that can greatly affect the outcome of your project. Embarking upon that process alone without guidance and support from professionals experienced in development can cause a landowner considerable worry, stress and exposure to risks and dangers, such as:

• Constantly changing economic trends and consumer preferences
• Escalating industry standards and regulatory compliance requirements
• Unpredictable market fluctuations and cycles
• Unanticipated natural occurrences e.g. droughts, and materials shortages.

Landowners and Developers Resource Center specializes in acquainting landowners with the process of land development from beginning to end. LDRC can identify and explain each step along the path from raw, undeveloped land to “finished” i.e. “buildable” lots, which invariably command a higher price than undeveloped land. LDRC can also analyze and explain the different options and choices the landowner may have for participation in that added value, whether selling the buildable lots to a professional homebuilder, or staying on to participate in the additional layer of value created when homes are built on those finished lots for sale to ultimate homebuyers. Ask us for more details.

Landowners and Developers Resource Center provides services designed to simplify and streamline the development process and add value to the landowner’s undeveloped land. The landowner’s continued participation in this process increases the possibilities for the landowner to share in the benefit of the additional value created.

Landowners and Developers Resource Center's experience and its network of knowledgeable industry and trades professionals affords greater assurance that accurate and complete information and professional guidance will be readily available at all times as a foundation for making timely, informed decisions and choices for the benefit of the landowner’s project. Services provided or coordinated by Landowners and Developers Resource Center are performed by qualified professionals who are experienced and licensed as required by law.

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